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Automatic Bench Top Labelling Machine

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Wrap round labelling machine

  1. Bench/Table top automatic.

  2. Easy to operate integrated controlled panel with label web mini conveyor speed controls.

  3. Suitable for a wide range of cylindrical and panel labelling applications.

  4. Stepper motor: Fast and accurate labelling.

  5. Easily adjustable pre-dispensing and label positioning.

  6. Hygienic design using FDA approved materials.

  7. Suitable for bench top operation.

Automatic Bench-Top Wraparound Labelling Machine EGR

Small and portable bench labelling machine the GER50 automatically labels onto bottles or boxes. This machine comes in two models: Wrap round labeller for round containers with the label applicator head in a horizontal position and top labeller able to label tops of containers with the label applicator head in a vertical position. Both come with a conveyor belt and have synchronised but variable speeds of up to 20m/min with optical label detection and are able to handle label reels up to 250mm diameter by 115mm wide.

Bench Top EGR Labeling Machine Video

Machine label application range: