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Rotary Filling & Sealing Machines


We supply new packaging machinery to small, mid-size and large manufacturers to suit a range of applications and budgets. Our range of machinery consists of Filling, Capping, Labelling, Rotary pot fillers, Thermoforming and Mono-block machines. Supplying machinery into Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Veterinary, Dairy, Petrochemical, Chemical, Biotechnology, Food & Beverage and more.

New Packaging Machinery Sales

Rotary machines for filling liquid semi-viscous and creamy goods

RFS-62 series consist of several base and commonly used models of rotary machines, suitable for filling and sealing of wide range of liquid, semi-viscous and creamy products in plastic cups or containers. Depending on product viscosity each machine is modified and equipped with appropriate for the application filling device, with capability of setting the dose volume.

Rotary filling and sealing machine for liquids, semi-viscous and creamy products: yogurt, sauces, mayonnaise, processed cheese, cream, ice-cream, hummus, margarine, jams and marmalades, chocolate hazelnut and other spreads, mousses, mash and puree, salads etc..

Rotary pot filling, foil sealing, lidding machines. Suitable for a range of food products and dairy: plain yogurt, yogurts with particulates such as fruit pieces, cream,   sealing products in solid state, which require special layout or it is impossible to be filled automatically.

Different volumes can be produced on the same machine as long as the cup and lid diameter remain the same just the cup height need to be hanged.

Operation and station

- picking the plastic cup/container from

  holder and loading it on the ring

- filling the product

- placing the lid

- sealing the cup

RFS-62T   up to 2000 cups/hour

RFS-62R   up to 2000 cups/hour

RFS-81     up to 1200 cups/hour

RFS-81S   up to 1200 cups/hour

Machine out put may vary depending on the characteristics of the products