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Hot Fill Process Mixing And Production Line Now For Slae

Full production line and process mixing plant for sale, please see list below:

Approximate overall footprint: 23m x 7m

-Fully stainless steel gantry with stairs and lighting underneath

-2000L mixing vessel

-2x 900L vessels with heated jacket that covers 650L of product. Both vessels are mounted on load cells with digital readout on control panel and impeller air mixers on both vessels.

-2x thermostatic controlled oil heating units, one on gantry and one ground level.

-Transfer pump from 2000L mixing vessel to the twin mixing vessels

-All pipe work and pumps are traced heated

Production line:

-Loading conveyor

-12-head hot filling machine with traced heated nozzle and cylinders. 30ml to 500ml pistons fitted. The machine has a retracting drip tray and diving nozzles, 120L break tank with agitating motors to keep the wax molten before filling.

-Conveyor after filling machine is 6m in length

-Cooling unit with initial flash heater conveyor can run 17 minutes up to 1 hour over its 3m length. The machine pulls external air with 72 fans. The out feed has a shuffle plate that allows the product to slid on the the conveyor without upsetting the product.

-Conveyor back to loading table

-Two stainless steel tables

-Transfer machine that can lift the glass from one conveyor to another conveyor for packing

This line cost £220,156.61 in 2002, now looking for reasonable offers.

Plan View Full Mixing And Filling Line

Plan View Of Mixing Gantry