Rotary Machinery For Sealing Plastic Trays/Bowls That Are Pre Filled

Rotary Sealing Machinery


AFT-10BX Thermoforming Machine

ATF-10BX is a special model designed to perform only the first of the three operations typical for  this type of machinery, namely  - the molding of the pack. The machine works with different materials and on request can be modified to form containers  with different sizes, shape and volume.

The replaceable mould allows the manufacture of various containers using the same material and within the technical specifications of the machine.

Output 8-10 cycles/min

The machine can be used independently or together with rotary sealing machine see above

Rotary machines for sealing plastic trays/bowls that are pre-filled with product

Rotary tray sealing machine RSM-61T seals pre-filled trays this machine can be ordered separately or together with our thermoforming machine for plastic trays.

Like RSM-61R the RSM-62B is a rotary sealing machine for plastic bowls sealing products in solid state, which require special layout or it is impossible to be filled automatically.