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MC-200 Automatic Capping Machine

The MC-200 Automatic Capping Bottles And Jars glass or PET


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The MC-200 automatic capping machine is designed for customers with small and medium-sized production.

The MC-200 offers high levels of energy efficiency. The MC-200 only needs one main motor to power the whole machine.

Apart from the significant energy savings, the MC-200 achieves the required synchronism without the need for electronics.

It has an ultra quick format changing system with a unique design, making adjustments easy.

An ergonomic design, the MC-200 was created for everyday use, offering easy access to all parts of the machine for adjustment and cleaning.

Manufactured and designed in accordance with food safety standards, the MC-200 automatic capping machine offers a multiform working philosophy, with no tool change necessary for continuous production.

the MC-200 capping machine may be set up for:

• Steam installation.

• Double securing strap for the container.

• OIL securing system, for cases where the container has oil on it.

  1. Functioning with lids with a high skirt.

MC-200 Details

• Electrical requirements 2.5Kw, (240v/400v) 50Hz

• Steam installation 5-8 bar, 150-200 kg/hour

• Steam connection 3/4″

• Water installation 0.65 m3/h, 1/4″

• Production speed Up to 200 containers/min depending on the format

• Type of lids Twist-Off

The MC-200 model is an automatic capping machine, designed to seal vials, bottles and jars, made of glass or PET, with twist off lids.