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Pago 6M Automatic Labelling Machine

Labelling Machine And Conveyor Used

For sale used Pago 6M automatic labelling machine. The machine is user friendly with its easy to use 3.5” colour touch screen interface. This machine can label up to 100 labels per min and is still the currant model. The robust construction of the frame provides the labelling machine with stability and with Pago’s slip-free transport system technology ensuring the greatest possible labelling precision.

We currently have 6 Pago 6M machines in stock

All machines are in excellent condition and are like new, only used for  3 months on a 24 hour shift. These machines have been removed from a clean food environment. All 6 machines ware running on the back of a vertical form fill seal machine applying promotional labels directly to the film real. A shaft encoder contacts the film measuring the speed at all times and automatically adjusting the labelling machine speed. The labelling machines are fitted with a pneumatic arm that contacts the film at all times as the film diameter reduces guaranteeing speed and accurate labelling.

Quick label changeover arrows on the label and backing web rollers, quick release fastening on the web rewinding spindle quick and tool less changeovers.

Dirt and water-proofed control with a highly rated drive technology Pago say these machines are very nearly attrition and maintenance-free with low replacement part requirements

Pago 6M

Labelling Machine


Bagging Machine