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Vacuum capping machine in production:

MC-20 Vacuum Cap Tightening Machinery

Vacuum cap tightening machine for caps and lids, automatic inline system manufactured in the Spain. Automatic operation for small, medium production producing 900 sealed bottles/jars per hour.

Video demonstration below showing the MC-20 capability of the cap tightening. Vacuum capping machines are used for food hygiene and product life to guarantee tight caps and avoid health and safety issues with leaking products.

In Line Vacuum Cap Tightening Machine MC-20

Vacuum capping machine is for small and medium-sized production.

Machine with discontinuous production system, “bottle by bottle” sealing.

Equipment with multiformat functioning, without changing the tools for lids of up to Ø 77 mm.

Designed and manufactured in accordance with machine safety and food safety standards, minimising impact in all the processes.

Ergonomic design, created for everyday use, offering easy access to all parts of the machine for adjustment and cleaning.

Capping machine with full operation from the touch screen

Glass and PET jars

Electrical requirements: : 1Kw (240v/400v) 50Hz

General measurements: 2000x1000x1750 mm

Weight: 200kg

Pneumatic connection: 6bar at 300 Nl/min

Sealing system: Mechanical vacuum

Production speed: Up to 1200 containers/hour, depending on the format.

Machines are made to order.

Video demo examples vacuum capping machine:

In Line Vacuum Cap Tightening Machine MC-20