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Rotary Capping Machine High Speed

Tedelta Car 1036 Automatic Capping  Machine 54,000 bph


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We take advantage of our long knowledge and experience of our products and processes, adjusting to the concrete demands that were required, allowing us the possibility to offer specialized machinery.

Manufactured entirely in Stainless Steel AISI 316 and components made for corrosive environment and high temperatures.

Aseptic manufactured machines with specific treated interiors insulating the turret, greasing areas and automatic lubrication.

Manufactured with servo-motors allowing computer –controlled capping with monitoring of application torque s.

Explosion proof manufactured, for inflammable environments.


The development of our own capping heads, our capping technology and the control of the production process together, allows us a personalized design and a complete capping manufacturing system from cap feeder to the adequate seal on every application (cap, bottle and production) and installation of the production lines.

Double Pick and place system

CAR-1036-TR (36 capping head) up to 54.000 bph.

Double  sorting system and waterfall cap feeder.

Double pick and place.

Machine equipped with 36 vacuum push-on heads  Tedelta CM-701-TR-PR-VC model.


Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, beverages, food, chemical, paints, oil, lubricants and cleaning products.