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Semi Automatic ROPP Capping Machine


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Bench capper designed for small and/or punctual productions, reliable and robust. Reaches productions of 600 to 800 bph depending on operator. 



Applied a wide variety of caps, plastic threaded, aluminum, flip-top, specialty, sports cap, etc.. on glass or PET bottles and jugs.

Great flexibility and versatility that allows it to be equipped with a single magnetic head, push-on capping head, capping head with gripper system or rigid cone, Ropp capping head.

Recommended for new product start- ups and quality control at labs.

Cap feeding and closure system

Manual cap positioning on bottle once filled, the closure is completely automatic thanks to the ascend and descend of the capping head by limit switch, in the case of the magnetic capping head, we reach a precise closure torque. An in case of the Ropp capping head, with the adequate top and side load we reach a complete hermetic, and reliable seal.

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Advance technology

Quick and easy capping head changes.

Easy manual bottle height adjustment, permitting cap closures of small or large bottles.

Independent variable speed motor allowing capping head revolution adjustment for different caps and bottles.

Low maintenance, minimum grease system and high durability.


Beverage, food, pharma, cosmetic and chemical